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Propagating Energy Efficient Architecture

About Altimus

Propagating Energy Efficient Architecture

Gujarat's First Project to Use BIPV.

Altimus is sustainable architecture where active and passive techniques are efficiently propagated to reduce energy consumption. This is the first commercial building in India to use BIPV technology. This glass fa├žade at Altimus generates electricity and is also aesthetically appealing. For most commercial buildings, energy use is the single largest operating expense, almost one-third of its typical operating budget. Energy efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings are highly desirable for reasons beyond reducing energy usage and monetary savings, due to the 'intangible' benefits.


Benefits Of BIPV Glass Facade at Altimus

  • Generates Electricity
  • Reduces Hvac Requirement
  • Adds To The Aesthetic Appeal Of The Building
  • Provides More Natural Light Inside The Built Environment
  • Reduces Conventional Building Materials And Labour Cost
  • Lowers The Amount Of Energy Consumed By Minimizing Solar Heat Gain

Energy Efficiency Features at Altimus

  • Led Light Fittings
  • Water Management System
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Flushing Water Recycling Plant
  • Garbage Recycling Plant
  • Censored Light In Common Areas
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